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Marbles you wish you owned

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Similar to past "favorite marbles" threads, what are some marbles you have seen that you wish you could own? This could be a long list so try to keep it to the top 5 or so. Let's just safely assume that we all want a wet mint guinea. ;)

For me right now (all in wet mint condition of course):

  • Big Vitro Neon Conqueror
  • One of those purple/yellowish Canadian transitionals
  • 3/4" Akro limeade heavy on the oxblood
  • A truly wildly vivid Akro sparkler (saw one once and offered $90 for it but the guy wouldn't budge)
  • 3/4" hand cut blue or green agate with tons of bullseye rings

Edit: Interesting I forgot to put other types of handmades in there. I guess I'm a machine made guy through and through!

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I wish I may, I wish I might...

- a 7/8” turquoise German “9” slag with oxblood & egg yolk
- a 7/8” black clambroth with sharp white pinstripes
- a four-color lightning strike (red/green, blue/yellow) 
- just one drop-dead gorgeous Joseph’s coat and banded opaque 

(B.Bee, we might have to talk - I have a purple & yellow Canadian trans 😉

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1-red handmade German slag with "chevron" pattern

2-blue handmade German slag with "chevron" pattern

3-mint green and jet black flame (similar to Alley pistachio, but more of a CAC pattern/glass quality)

4-a Mica marble with black core and blizzard of mica surrounding it (hey, you asked, lol)

5-Navarre with 9 and tail, tight twists


Good question, got my gears turning

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