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Another December loss - Winnie Goddijn


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I don't know how I missed this.  It seemed I was seeing her around, but apparently not. 

At the beginning of December we lost Winnie Goddijn, our friend from Amsterdam.  :(  

She was in her 80's at least, maybe 90, but what a lively spirited person, and what a great help to many in marbledom.


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So sad to hear this. I hounded her to find who produced some of those then called German Euro swirls. She dug into it, not easy but she proved without any doubt who made some of them.  We traded marbles several times. Just today I found a bag of six marbles, marked from Winnie. I had not seen it for a few years. We emailed for a few years but not the last few years.  She was a big help In solving another marble mystery.

Rest In Peace Winnie

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