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More like a rant...

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Here's a real one, dust like av. throughout the mib, heavier around the blue swirl's, one asmade dimple 7:00 first pic, that's it. I got to check one more off the old Pelt most wanted list. A relative of the Silver Surfer & Chuck G's dark universe.




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Sami has has some good pics of them in his book as well as the silver surfer & the rest of the family. This one walked right in my front door, I couldn't believe it, my friend didn't even see the av. in it or know what he had. A good day, this one came to me for once, HTF any in the wild anymore, especially a rare one !! I got my Pelt tiger avatar from Sami in a trade at the Seattle show in 2017. I've bought some really nice big Pelts from him, when I can get him to turn loose of them.

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