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ebay sellers... has anyone had bids from...

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fremmur_0 ?  

I have an auction going for over 3500 marbles and this ebayer has bid twice and is the current high bidder. No feedback, no auction wins, no Buy It Now, no selling. A member since Dec 03, 2019. 

Recently I have had a couple of auction winners refuse to pay or payment is made, but the buyer files a dispute with ebay, sends the marble(s) back and receives a refund. The auction winners have had the same modus operandi as this ebay member. 

Anyone with info on what this bidding pattern is telling me, please let me know your opinion. 

Kind Regards,

rockgardenplants (orange_orbital on ebay)

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Weird that it's happening from multiple accounts.

Do you have any reason to believe there is an old bad blood buyer trying to make your life hard?

The company I work for has a person who has consistently ordered a large purchase once a year and then cancels the order saying they cannot afford it. This has happened for six years straight.

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I have one negative feedback in the last year. The buyer was really upset claiming that I doctored the photos, sent the wrong marbles etc... I even sent a few additional marbles to see if we could work things out that way but I still got a Negative from the buyer.

I have had great transactions with 99.9% of my buyers but there's always the opportunity for someone to mess with my auctions. I know that I don't receive feedback from all of my buyers even though I leave positive feedback for all of my buyers.

We'll see what happens when the auction is finished! Oh, the suspense!

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