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I have no idea what any of these are

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I have to say right off the bat that I really don't know anything about collecting marbles. I found a large collection of marbles for $12 and bought them on a whim. I then posted about it on my Instagram and had several people offer to buy them. That might not mean anything, because they might not be worth anything. The only thing I can tell you is that almost all the marbles have pontil marks. Anyway, it would be great if someone could tell me something about them. I'm only posting two groups below, but I have a lot more. I'm really grateful to anyone who can share their thoughts on these. I so appreciate it. 



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Hi.  Mix of new and oldish.  Nothing is jumping out (to me)  as remarkable.

For specific ID's best to have just a few marbles per thread.  And have them arranged in a way which makes it easy to to indicate which one is under discussion.  Sometimes multiple views will be needed. 

The black marbles with speckles are newer ones and are not from the U.S.  That style is still in production.  

The largest marble could be a  Marble King -- not getting a good feel for what decade it might be from.  

The bottom middle in the bottom picture (do you see how this could start to get confusing really quickly? :) ) ... that might be a Master, from say the 1950's, but I'd need at least one more view before I was confident. 

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