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Trying to ID my lucky riverbank finds.

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Left to right

#1=Akro patch

#2=Either Peltier Rainbo or MK ?

#3= Maybe Akro

#4= Alley swirl

#5= Cannot seen enough to know ?

#6= Banana cat eye, maybe foreign or Peltier ?

#7= Cairo Novelty swirl. 

 All very common, very large numbers produced. No zero collector value at all. Condition is the number one key for any experienced marble collector. A rare $500.00 marble with damage is drastically less. A $500.00 mint marble, the same near mint marble is  $300 to $150.00. The same nm- marble is $50.00. The same marble less than near mint-  is zero. Your marbles are all less than near mint- .  Learning marbles takes years with lots of effort and time every week. Then next is to learn how to grade marbles accurate.  Condition is the KEY. Just because it is old does not make it have value. This holds very true with marbles.  I have dug marbles at every marble factory site in WV except one. Also in OH and St.Louis.  I have also dug different house and business dumps for marbles. There are many mint marbles dug. There are many  damaged and non standard production marbles discarded. They were discarded for many different reasons by each company. Some during production and some years after the company was out of business. 

 One key word= Condition

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Wvron..... I would love to take my grandsons (I have 2) digging in clarksburg WV. I have no idea where to go. Do you now a place we can go? We love looking for stuff . Mostly bottles but marbles would be so much more fun! Thanks

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I agree the first could be a Peltier patch. It may have some brown as the base glass ? As for digging marbles at Clarksburg. I do not know of anyplace in Clarksburg that you can dig marbles legal. The old Akro site was dug by many people for the past 25+ years. Some illegal and some legal. The property has been leased for digging several times. It has been dug hard and deep. I have been in dug holes there that were 20-30 feet deep and 50-100 foot square. There is very little marbles and including cullet, remaining at the Akro site. There are always a few missed but 90-95% of anything worth the effort has been removed from the Akro site.  The majority of all marble company sites are now just about empty or covered over and buried deep or under newer concrete. Digging marbles at company sites is fast becoming a thing of the past.  The same as being able to watch in person, machine marbles being made. 

This is a thing of the past !  Many of my best memories around marbles are with digging them. DSC04780.JPG.f50cbf5ea93f3c76b4671df8df1159dc.JPGDSC04788.JPG.78fd0ce68685947b622a90315d971b99.JPGDSC04771.JPG.231e90afc544d7454851a49ae9b266e8.JPG

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Fun and work. More work than most expect. I have dug marbles with 80-90 different people over the years. Only about 10 of those ever came back for a second day. After they are dug that is only half the work. Once they are home then the work cleaning them properly begins. I have buckets of dirty uncleaned marbles from 10-15 years ago. It is lots of time and work. No dug marble is free. 

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