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failed sparkler

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I have this one. I've always thought it was a sparkler that didn't quite turn out right. The colors are in a flat panel in the marble rather than spread out.

The reasons it looks Akro; there are 5 distinct color ribbons (plus some blending), The poles look right.

The reasons it does not look Akro; Size- 31/32nds (it would probably be a 64th more but my old calipers are not that accurate), The base glass is smokey grey not crystal clear.

The size fits more with Vacor but the surface is not orange peely.

It could be German but the ribbons are opaque not translucent.

What do you folks think?





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At that size, going with European or a 1950's Master.  But a bit more colorful than I expect for the Master I have in mind, so leaning European.  

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