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Down and Out marble game by Milton Bradley - 1914

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No marbles came with it when I acquired it. A 5/8" marble would go down it no problem. Milton Bradley was a customer of M.F. Christensen & Son Co.

Here is an ad for the same Down and Out game from 1906 - I have several versions of this model as well.

Down and Out 1906.jpg

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Here's a few more. I have been chasing these for about 30 years. Small one left front with the face on the tower is German. Paul Baumann's 2nd edition has one like this pictured on the rear cover if memory serves me correctly. The metal banded example is probably the first version of the game made by Milton Bradley - 1890's. The three other wooden tower examples all date to around 1905 and are what is shown in the last ad I shared.




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Great collection!! I probably wouldn't be able to resist playing with it if I had one!  My favorite is the spirally tower with the solid cup.  I would think you'd have to go to an auction to find these.  I've never seen them in a shop or at a flea.  Thanks for sharing your photos!

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