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Once in awhile I troll the marbles on e-bay.

On several occasions this has been something

that kind of bothers me.

When I started this addiction 30 + years ago.

It was knowledge, or lack there of, that

guided the mibs. that I bought.

Now, it's scary!

I hope that I'm right about this.

Is this what the seller say's it is?

Or a named hook to catch a big payday $1,500

from a novice collector. The seller has 261+ feedback.


just found another one different seller?? You can get all of these for a mere $ 599.00 whew!




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The $1500 Alley that they're calling a Peltier Galaxy?  I don't recognize the seller.   Looks like they could really think they have a galaxy and have priced it accordingly. 

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Ebay marble listings makes a good laugh every day of the year.  Some people just do not mind making their self look like a fool. Just a few minutes research, even of other marble listings would help several. Many times the title says enough. When they add words used with three or four different companies marbles. That says fast that they have no idea what they have or the value. Many times they may be better off just listing, marbles for sale or unknown marbles for sale. Some people have a lot more time to waste than most of us. I guess that one successful con a year can make it worth while to some people.  The word travels fast in the marble collecting community. Marble collecting may be coast to coast but marble collectors stay in touch frequently. They may lie or rip people off a few times or for a short while. But word will travel and they will be gone. They might list no returns, but when ebay gets involved,  a no return would be rare. Ebay is a buyers market, not a sellers market.  When buyers send every misrepresented item back for a full refund, then the false listings will slow. 

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Nothin like those rare " hand blown " antique German marbles, think I'll add a few to the old collection, or maybe one of those peltier cork screws, it's a toss up I'll have to think on this one for a while.🤣 Realizing that it is a buyer's market, there is no reason other than dishonest thievery to list something you have no clue what it is so better to just throw something at the wall and see if it stick's!! How do some people make it through life ?? I guess you just hit one of my sore spots, I try to give everyone at least one chance then it's shame on  me. This person has been misrepresenting for a long time, over 1000 sales, and I see no end in sight.image.png.618c68cfecb22772a85af6ea456f3c49.png

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On 5/20/2020 at 7:58 PM, Marbleized said:

I might be "had" here and there, but never that "had" because of the price tag.  That's my default watch dog. 😝

OMG!  I was reading through this thread and came across my post which makes no sense to me!  Auto-correct must have done something and I just didn't proofread.  Anyway, what I probably meant to say was, since I am still a novice, I don't usually spend much on a marble. So if I am snagged, it won't break the bank too much.  If I were going to spend hundreds of dollars, I'd do that at a marble show. I'm seeing marbles on auction going for $300 to $500 so these folks must know what they are doing.

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 The old German marble's were all made the same way, starting with several  premade hand stretched cane's then adding them to a main starter cane layer by layer through many repetitive step's and trip's in and out of the kiln or "glory hole" adding as many cane's or layers to the original cane as the marble required, then the end of the cane is worked into the basic shape of a marble using a rounded piece of wet wood or modern pre sized graphite mold, several trip's again in and out of the glory hole before being cut off w/ marble shear's or a knife then placed into an annealing oven for several hour's at I believe about 780 deg. Fahrenheit so they don't explode from the outside cooling faster than the inside, the least this will cause is stress fracture's or annealing fractures in the glass.  Several marble's are formed from a single cane. As beat up as the one I show for sale I wouldn't even give $ 50.00 for it top's if that, depending on rarity, after paying for polishing & reconditioning I would really be in the hole!! ( German hand blown antique marble) totally untrue, misleading and deceptive.  I see marbles sell all the time that aren't even close to being what they have it posted as. For example in the past 9 month's or so I've seen several contemporary's sold as antique. If memory serves me right the first ones where contemporary ribbon type lutz and a few other antique look alike's. Very close to the real thing but a little "to good to be true " after the 3rd or 4th one hit E bay going for $300.00 to $600.00 each or more, all being either new or rare colors, everyone got wise to it. As Stephen was saying, the shady one's are exposed quickly, and once they're caught they're done, they can post all they want it'll never sell even at cost because of them betraying everyone's trust. Good thing E bay has the return policy they do, for those who haven't been identifying marble's long enough to really know the difference between what they are supposedly buying and what seller has it listed as. It creates a "kind" of insurance policy, as it's supposed to. The closest to "Hand Blown" is a"reticello" marble, made using a torch or torches and small handmade cane's and yes !! some blowing, allot of practice and many steps,  as making any hand made marble is. I've included a video from u tube for each type of marble and how they are made. So sorry for the extra long post but people that are "vampire's" really get me going !! 



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