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Bombuchas, Or Whatever You Call It . . .

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I just thought I'd pay attention to some of my larger marbles-- the Bombuchas. Where I grew up (Hawaii), we called the larger marbles "bombuchas".  A lot of the words in Hawaii's pidgin English evolve as immigrants arriving to work in the canefields tried to communicate with each other and the locals. Example: "bumbye" comes from "bye and bye" meaning "otherwise" or "eventually".  I'm not sure how this word bombucha or bumbucha came to be, but it basically means "large". (If you were to listen to me speak with my friends in Hawaii, you might need a translator. LOL.)  

1. This is an Akro, but I'm not sure if it is just a corkscrew or a snake. The ribbons aren't flat and laying on the surface,  You need sunglasses when a black light is put up to it. .96".

2. This is a swirl that is basically lavender with a bit of light blue swirling around. Opaque. .96". I have not clue. I don't notice any seams. Modern?

3. Maybe a Peltier Rainbo? Translucent white base (that looks opaque without a flashlight) and the blue looks more like a thin translucent wash than a ribbon, but the lines are opaque. .94".

4. Maybe a Marble King Rainbow? the "bottom" half has striations of oranges, browns, and yellows, part of a ribbon above it is dark brown.  There is a dark brown patch that goes across the top.  I see one seam.  The other could have been where there is an as made crease. 1.03"

5. Thinking it might be an Alley or WV swirl. But, the patch on the top makes me think it is something else. It has a white more opaque than translucent base with a reddish orange swirl that, when magnified seems to have a bit of a pink tint on one edge and a more orange tint on the other.  Also there is also a bit of brown here and there tracing the ribbon.  It's not a very attractive marble,  but I'm just curious as to what it could be.  .96". 







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How did I miss this one?  

I'm way behind.  Tired out by working in the heat.

1.  Love it.  I don't know about "snake" either.  I don't worry about that name much.   Having a giant brilliant UV cork is plenty for me.

2.  Good chance modern.  My money is on Jabo.

3. My first thought was Pelt Rainbo.  Then I wondered about wonky Marble King. But I'll go with Pelt.   

4. I'm on board with Marble King.

5.  Going with Pelt Rainbo here.

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