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A Vitro and Some Unusual Colored Moderns?

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I found a bag of marbles that I had put away because I couldn't identify them easily.  Time to try again.  Here are a few that I am apt to label as Jabo, except for the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th.  Any feedback will be much appreciated!

1. Thinking Jabo because of that diaper looking fold, through which I can see light shining. Everything seems opaque, other than between the fold, except for maybe the yellow. I see blue, lavender, yellow strands on one side and dark red and orange on the other . Size is 63". (Out of round so either polished or "dud".)

2. I'm thinking this a Vitro because of that red line and the open clear "face" that a helmet might have.  that light blue reminds me of that on a hybrid cateye. There's a streak of olive green. Size is 60".

3. Looks like a one colored Fancy Conqueror if there is such a thing.  When I shine a light through it, there is a light yellowish mint green glow. The white veneer looks like it is thickly brushed on. Size .60". Maybe Anacortes (looks like a green that I saw in Steph's scan of her box of Anacortes Vitros in my "Marble Kings?" post. .60"

4. A really plain looking marble, but interesting somewhat vibrant pinkish salmon color with what looks like a brown tracer. .62"

5. Thinking it's a Jabo or Cairo.  Like the 4th marble, this marble has color only on one side, with a tiny ooze on the other. Colors are dark and light brown. The white base is somewhat translucent. When I shine a light on it, I can see light going through the fold. I also see more lines in the browns. This one is off round so the largest diameter is .62".

6. This marble is a swirl of orange, yellow, and white (very little).  The orange as it thins looks more salmon colored. Size .58".

Thank You!





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There is such a thing as a fancy conqueror but I don't think there's a one-color fancy conqueror.   Like you, I'm considering Vitro but not getting a good feeling for what age it could be.

#2 could be Vitro.  And could be modern.

The rest could be Jabo.  


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Thanks again Steph! Usually, I like Jabos, but these lack those vibrant colors that my other Jabos have, except for the last one. Still, I was curious as to their make. 👍

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