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That big one and the matching littler one beside it -- I would have those with my wirepulls.  

Wirepulls have been narrowed down to having come from Europe, perhaps all from the Veiligglas company in Amsterdam.  They could be similar to American marbles, but we have basically reserved the name for the European version.

Your green one four marbles to the right of the big blue one ... I think that's a Vacor.  

The rest I would have with my transparent swirls, mostly being from West Virginia swirl companies.  

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4 hours ago, Al Oregon said:

In the very first picture, the 3rd row down, 3rd & 4th marbles from the left could also be wirepulls.  I agree with Steph on the others.

My eyes also stopped on those two as possible Veiligglas.  Then I decided that I wanted them to be Ravenswood!  

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I'm going to disagree with Al on that one.  I think many WV swirls were single ribbon marbles.   Probably many of those in Scott's group have a single ribbon which in hand you could trace from start to finish.  But in most of these cases it's a softer looking ribbon.

For me the distinction is recognizing the marbles as being Veiligglas.    I think of the Veiligglas ribbons as having more crispness than softness but basically mostly it's just a matter of recognizing the marbles as being European or not and I don't have the words to explain it.

Here is a thread that Winnie (from Amsterdam) started to show off her wirepulls:



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