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I was @ a picnic about 5 years ago and they had a lawn bowl, that thing was heavy, more like a rock, didn't have letters like yours it had imprinted numbers, 3 of them, obviously not the weight, that's all I remember, I know nothing about them. Just kiddin about where the shed was. Those carpet bowls especially the ones with the flower like imprint look familiar, I know there's a name on them I just can't remember, That design was specific to them.

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Your gettin warmer, I heard that term also sounds familiar, I think sponge wear is the name for a certain type of glazed pottery ?? I just found your exact lawn bowls on ebay, made by Ayers with bone inlay, these looked brand new to me, I couldn't believe all the listing's, I wrote carpet bowls on the Ebay header and all kinds of bowls popped up.( found it) some kinda sponge dabbed pottery, they showed some pics, pretty spendy I guess, though from the pics I can't see why, Oh well to each their own.


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Yes, I think it's an "A" I'm lookin to. What should I enter on ebay search, tried sandwich glass all transparent depression lookin stuff ??

found exact match ( MURANO ITALY) that's what it say's on the bottom, same as ashtray pictured.


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This a little Akro children's china thumb pot, highly uv., Small Akro china is one of my favorite marble related thing's to collect. The little clear spot on the bottom is a punch out for drainage, children punched almost all of these out, especially in the med. sized ones.





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Some boxes I converted into marble cases using dimple foam, my favorite is the backgammon case w/ a spot for my loupe a cleaning cloth and some spare mib bags. The others are old airtight humidor boxes with locking capabilities, I could drop this box out of my car doing 55 and not harm the mibs inside, a good box if your a fumble fingers like me, I took a couple pics. ( one more ) a very old skeleton key lock box, just added dimple foam, for a little larger mibs. Locking mechanism a must have in my case, can't afford to drop me treasure :pirate:





DSC02275 (2).JPG











DSC02281 (2).JPG

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Gonna resurect this thread 'cause I hit a moving sale yesterday. I got this plate. It's a full size transferware dinner plate, probably from the 1870s or 80s. The reason I'm posting is on the left rim, two marbles, or more likely carpet balls. I looked on the internet and there is a full color version. the top one is bright red with a gold band.



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1 hour ago, Tommy said:

That is awesome chad...

Just like a downhome old fashioned marble Christmas year round, I made like 8 of them, a use for those gigantic Germans besides sitting there collecting dust. "Thanks Tommy" gotta stay busy, from the looks of my house I been a bit to busy.

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Ah the first game is the one I just bought with the green Alley glass cup and also a kids lotto a double game box, I couldn't find it anywhere, good to see the other half, I'll be posting my tiddlywinks & lotto game hopefully this weekend. :thanks Ric"

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