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Base ball marble point game ( Skip Ball )

Chad G.

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I play w/ it all the time it still keep's score and is fully functional, complete w/ a push bar to return your marble. I'm dreading the day the ancient wooden spring loaded marble launching knob bite's the big one, The game is all orig. even the screen to keep the marble in check was on it when I bought it. More than paid for itself, many time's over.

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A little better pic showing the wooden launching knob and the mib return lever on the left, still rolls over and keeps score, goes from 0 to 500 pts. in 10, 20, 30, and 40 point increments, just like the baseball rolling game at the fair when I was a kid, works perfect. I sure wish they still made things to last like this, not a feasible money maker now a day's I suppose "to bad" like Ron said " toys then were made to last, and last they did. I could throw this thing off my porch without much appreciable damage. A great toy with many a fond childhood memories for me !!


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On 11/10/2020 at 4:01 PM, Ric said:

That is a cool game, like a mini skee ball. I like old marble games a lot too.

I still use it, "I can't resist" Wish they still made things to last like that one. It must have thousands of hours on it, a couple hundred from me, and still doesn't miss a beat. The metal on it is twice as thick as on my car. I gotta find some of that popcorn, cotton candy, and beer sausage scent so I can really be in the moment. Sure was a fun time !!!

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I still take this one off the wall and play it occasionally.


Kinda odd though, the shooter never actually touches the marble that's shot. You have to put another marble in the little hole covering the shooting stage. The shooting rod hits that marble and sends it into the marble being played. I've always wondered if there was a rubber or wood ball that was supposed to be in the shooting stage. Otherwise, I have no idea why it would be set up that way. :dunno:

Although, if you put three marbles in shooting position on the ramp, only the last one actually gets shot - sorta like Newton's cradle, maybe that's why.

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I like those older wooden ones like yours. Had several opportunities to buy a cheaper and newer Wolverine Co. tin and plastic game like that but always damaged or cracked. Not made to last like the ones you and I have. I'll just be patient and one will run into me sooner or later. " Great game Ric" made to last !! Thanks for sharing. Simple is good !!

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