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Do clear marbles have any value or collector appeal?

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Are there any clear marbles one should keep an eye out for. Are there specific colours or sizes. I remember when i was a kid the cherry/ruby reds were the ones to look for followed by an odd aqua blue colour and the brown root beer ones. Here is a photo of what I have, let me know if there is anything special.







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I adore clearies.  They're considered commons.  Lots of companies made them.  VERY popular style in the 50's.  Helped Vitro stay afloat when the Japanese cat's eyes were taking over the marble market.  

I love, love, love them.



Did I mention I love them?

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     I have a box devoted to clear marbles arranged like a rainbow & am always looking for a new color tone to add to it. Also, I Give them the ultra violet light test... you never know if they are really  just clear- as I found out with a batch of clear reds- see pics. Then there are solid whites ( sorry, I changed topics)- my game there is giving "largest-to-smallest"  status to the lowly white marble,  meaning I have to at least look at them before they go into the salvation pile' It's amazing how entertaining marbles can be! 

transparent reds.jpg

black lite reds.jpg

whites ascending.jpg

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