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     I have only scratched the surface of the knowledge that be found in this site. A book could be  written including all the knowledge, discussions, flavors of peoples experiences that can be found here. My greatest regret is I started collecting marbles so late in this cycle.  I'm not sure when our USA will be in shape for me to experience a live marble show. I'm too late to meet Alan, who seems to be a lovely, smart person. I know, marbles are a fraction of everything going on now, but, for me, they have been a haven in a uncertain world.  Keep going. folks and keep safe- lol, Bonnie

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I have always thought that I started to late. That was over 25 years ago. There is plenty of new discoveries and new information out there to be found. After 25 years I just this week made contact with Henry Art Fisher's great grandaughter. There are lots of searching for marbles, information, or people yet to be done. No matter when you start it will never be early enough.  It can last a lifetime no matter when you start. How long it last is up to each person.

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