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 I believe this to be a red bee ?? Any opinion is welcome. Base glass is a little on the creamy side, ( i.e. not yellow ) no av. so not a ruby bee,  (second and third pic. )Interested in your opinion.

1 (604).JPG

1 (381).JPG

1 (382).JPG

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Looks similar to a couple pics that I have of Red Bee.  Also, marblealan had posted a couple pictures that look similar to this and named Ruby Bee (no AV showing on his) and also someone pictured a similar one  as Golden Dragon.  I'll confuse you more.

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I know what a golden dragon is, the stripe's similar to that of a flaming dragon on a yellow or golden base, I've also seen Alan's pic's and description with no apparent av. I've "heard" to be a ruby bee the marble must contain av. ?? .While I've never seen a golden dragon w/ av. I have had a few w/o  in the past, just wondering if the difference between a red bee and a ruby bee have changed ??. No confusion Al, just trying to find out what the name of the mib is ?? Thank's much for your input. Here is a pic of a golden dragon sold last month on E bay, not the best example more of a flaming type, but still a golden dragon. Guess I'll just settle for somewhere in between, the ribbon on the right side of my mib is actually a little pinkish, the photo is color correct. Peltier made so many variation's of the NLR line " not to mention the bifurcated " and for that matter all there marble's, I'm happy just to have it. " Glad you brought up golden dragon's Al " The one I  have pictured sold last month, not a high dollar mib but still getting harder and harder to find. This one is the exact color scheme of the two I've owned. A little more on the flaming side I know, the actual golden dragon has a more orange red hue to the ribbon's. I have some pictures of marble's from my collection I sold in 2009, there's a really nice bifurcated dragon bee and I believe a flaming golden dragon. I collected nothing but Peltier for about 10 year's, a few nice wigger's , a chocolate cow,.......... all but impossible to find nice one's now @ reasonable price's. What I received for them then was a mere pittance compared to now, I'll post a few and the actual auction price I received.




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Here's part of the 300 mib's I sold in the first month, I had someone else sell them for me because I didn't yet have a computer and my hobby was more of a private thing, a few curios and a bunch of drawer's full, at least 85 % of these mib's where found in the wild a good portion from 3 or 4 people i knew. I had a bunch of miller's with some very heavy aventurine which commanded a much higher price, a few of the zebras had so much av. you could literally see it 6 feet away. All of the one's I called ruby bee's had av., there's even one here that @ the time was called a chocolate bee # 142 (pink w/ no av. and brown ribbons ). Hand mades where more in demand then also but had gone down significantly. I've also put a portion of them up, Then as now I still love Joseph coats. These are some of my marble's I sold during a divorce in 2009. I have a long way to go but it's the love of the hobby that keep's me going. Drat I got the bifurcated one but not the golden dragon, there is a what used to be called a grey dragon,# CG 254. Just a moment excuse me a minute while I :deadhorse: Ah yes that feel's better, boy how could you ever get tired of this ?? I'll just call mine a kind of anemic bee I guess ??



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