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 I only have about 50-100 mostly common, alot of bee's, wasp's etc. here are a few pic's of my favorite's. I've passed up some really nice blend's I should have went for. The last picture I posted is from a post I made in the lounge, it's a close up of the av in a green M K rainbow, the second pic is one end of a multi color like the 3rd pic. I will submit some pic's of the commie's later.

1 (431).JPG

1 (433).JPG

1 (490).JPG

1 (524).JPG

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I got some unusual ones once that a guy had selling at what seemed to me to be a low price on facebook.  Thought it would be whipped right up but they weren't.  So I tried to talk them up for the seller.  And then I said to heck with it, I'll take them.   I was on a pretty tight budget at that time but some of them I was sure would sell individually for what I got the whole lot for.  (About $20, if I recall correctly.)   The three copperheads are what really tickled my fancy.  But I had once paid $12 for a single black widow and this lot had four of them.  And I think that's called a Robin on the bottom left of the second picture.  And there some other good ones.




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Super nice, what a deal. All of my blend's but a few are long gone and the few chance's I had to get some more I blew thinking I'd have a million more, not so, a wise decision swiping theses up, thank's for sharing Steph. :thup:

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