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Nice one's Bill, I gotta dig around here a  while, just made the post because I know there's some really strange lookin patches out there,( and here somewhere )that first one's a real looper. " Thank's man "

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15 hours ago, Steph said:


I don't have a bruiser yet !! I don't think, I've one w/ blue on dark green glass, is a bruiser opaque or green ?? my pearlized has a blowhole 1/4" half way across the mib, oh well I'm still keepin it.

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11 hours ago, Berryb said:

Pretty sure these are Bruisers. It takes a pretty bright light to reveal that they are a dark, transparent, OD green, not opaque black. Thanks


PPP bruise1.jpg

There they are, I was just talking about those Bruce, Nice one's !! Look's just like the one I have all the way down to the dark green base glass.

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5 hours ago, Al Oregon said:

And, of course, the Pearlized

Peltier Pearlized Patch - Al.JPG

"Nice one Al" I wish mine was in that good of shape, 1/4th of the patch is a blowhole, I'm still keepin it but wish the hole was about 100% smaller

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Chad, you will find the longer you collect the more really (ODD) examples you will find, especially the ones that many did not hit the market that were strange colors.  They seem to produce a lot of certain color combos but few exist outside of the normal colors you find.  Chuck G---


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I've been collecting quite a while, well over 20 yrs, 15 to 20 seriously, and still see new one's as I'm sure you do.  lost an 18 yr. collection in 09. during a divorce. That put a damper on thing's for about 5 yrs. I collected some but not many. I love collecting Peltier because of the great diversity and obscure mib's that pop up and seem to be more prominent in Peltier. I still have a bunch of mib's to take pic's of, gettin lazy I guess. Thank you for the great pic's Chuck, most enjoyable:thup:

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On 9/16/2020 at 9:29 AM, mibcapper said:

............. 😷

pelts 005.jpg

ottowa 001.jpg

peltier's 013.JPG

last dig 004.jpg

last dig 015.jpg

peltier 003.jpg

patches 003.JPG

patches 004.JPG

patches 005.JPG

patches 006.JPG

patches 007.JPG

patches 008.JPG

patches 010.JPG

patches 011.JPG

Hey Bill ya snuck some in when I wasn't lookin,( I should say when I wasn't payin attention ) don't think I've ever seen em like the white one's w/ the wavy patche's before, I must be blind " obscure for sure "

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