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still on the quest of golden dragons

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     They do exist, along with many other versions of dragons. I found a subset  in the "Peltiermarbles.info" site- click on the heading NLRs & there is a "dragons" heading with 12 pics in all of variations of the Peltier dragons: clear dragons, unusual color combos, even a dragon's eye &, yes, a golden dragon. I've included copies of some of the pics. ( I hope it's O.K. to do so, if not let me know) Then I went to ebay & copied what I found there & their prices (again is there a problem in doing so?)  When it comes to Peltier swirls, how do we know it's a Peltier swirl?  I've included here a pic. of my marbles that come close to the golden dragon in the Peltier id pic., but are they Peltier, or from , lets say, Alley? And how do we know the ones shown on ebay really are Peltier GD's? I'll never pay over $200.00 for one, but I have hopes of owning a real Peltier GD.


peltier draon group.jpg

peltier golden dragon.jpg

peltir gray draon.jpg

peltier cl. dragons.jpg

ebay golden dragon (2).jpg

ebay golden dragon.jpg





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The two marbles in the last 4 pictures do not look Peltier to me.  I'd say WV swirls - maybe Alley on left and Champion on right.  The only Peltier Golden Dragon pic that I saved was one posted by well known collector (now deceased) Les Jones back in 2000.  Here is the picture.

Peltier Golden Dragon (Les).jpg

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Here's another pic of an E bay sale Bonnie, This mib is exactly like the 2 flaming golden dragon's I had in my old collection in 09, the same flaming ribbon's on a golden yellow base ( a flaming dragon has the flaming ribbon's w/ a green base, the non flaming has more of a red mono colored ribbon ) they run from $40.00 and up for a decent one, depending on size and pattern of the ribbon's, ( I paid 175.00 for a clean surface, wet mint 3/4" miller pattern flaming dragon, I was paying for the wild pattern it exhibited and the unusually large size not to mention the out of the factory wet condition )  marble's after all are subjective, hope this help's you. I'll look for some pic's of my old one's,  The second pic is a regular dragon, 3rd pic. flaming dragon, these pic's are from a friend of mine. The  fourth and last pic is of my own personal flaming dragon I own now , only 11/16 in size but I love the pattern.  ( note the ribbon's in the first, third and fourth are the same, flaming !! ) Don't let the variance of the green base glass throw you off, still green just a different shade, another case of personal preference. I collect mainly Peltier, my avatar is a Peltier miller swirl tiger, if your going to collect Peltier get ready for a lot of variance, that's one of the main reason's I collect them is that fact. " good luck, have fun "  ( Sorry so long winded Bonnie ) Hope this wasn't to much of a :worms:.





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     I really expected my 2 marbles to be Alley or Champion- 1 of ea. can be fine, as I love both their color & designs. I'm partial to the color combination, when I saw my first Alley flames on gold, I was hooked on Alleys & that has spread to Champions too- still like Peltiers, but my horizons have spread. Thanks for the conversation, pics. & all

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