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I call this one my orange creamsicle, you'll see why, at an oversized 27/32 not my biggest but a wet and a beautiful orange and creamy semi opaque white color, I can almost taste it !! I have a few bigger but all white based commie's, all are between 31/32 and 1 ", none over, I don't think. Last pic is a repeat of it amongst some other more common mib's and size's for comparison. The John Deer and the Nova are both 7/8th's, a couple of the other's go down to 9/16th's.

1 (666).JPG

1 (730).JPG

1 (731).JPG

pelt26 (2).PNG

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1 hour ago, Chuck G said:

Chad, very nice example and (yes) they did make some an inch and slightly over, them being HTF.  Chuck G---

I have several 7/8ths and 4or5 pretty close to 1", I may have 1 plain white and yellow rainbow that will hit over the 1" mark, gotta do some diggin. Thanks for the encouragement Chuck, love all your picture's.

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Here's the biggest one I have, plain jane yellow and white but in mint shape, not a whole lot of these big one's around still in good shape, or any shape for that matter.


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I had a bunch but didn't keep them because of condition, played w/ alot, just waiting to see if I get some more, not that desirable in the white base color mixes I know but I believe time will tell. Thanks for posting, get some pic's posted if you can , I just don't see alot, I know they're around and would like to see more. Thanks again.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Chad G.


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