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Junk Jar Audit..any Chance?

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 I'd appreciate any opinions I can get on this one.   I had thrown it in with the Asians and Cat's Eyes about a year ago, when I first started collecting.  

It's a bit under .58". 

It does not have a clear seem/cut...it does have a pontil on one pole and a pinpoint on the opposite pole..  So maybe a hand-made modern?

On the positive side is its provenance.. it came in a good lot that had a few legit CAC's...beat up slags mostly.. along with some nice Pelts and MFCs..  And the colors look right..??..  

Thanks for anything you've got...Shawn




IMG_9922 (1).jpeg



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I vote "Modern" CAC Guineas don't have any pontil's, they're machine made not hand made and show either a single seam or a double seam. 1 of 3 color's clear, cobalt or amber. If it truly has any real pontil it's not a CAC guinea. I can't really make out a clear seam anywhere in the pic's. CAC really not my forte though, just saying what I know about Guineas. Kelly Schmidt make's some contemporary Guineas that have seam's and no pontil's, very much authentic looking. Steph is the moderator, she'll give you a good opinion and a go to person.

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correction !!
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Now if that's not a pontil but a chip, we reset the conversation.   

To me the dark dots  in the middle of the green frit seem out of place  but  guineas are above my sophistication level.

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Kelly Schmidt doesn't always sign his work. Boo. But, when he does, it's very, very faint KS etched in the glass on a pole, I've looked 2 or 3 times before until I got just the right light angle to find it before. 

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