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The first reference to Lucite that I am aware of is an old Alan Sherman song from the mid 60s....

....Lucite nose,  rust proof toes, and when her antenna glows.......

So I guess a Lucite marble could be at least that old, but most I have seen are much more recent.  I have some plastic spheres with pictures of baseball players in them but I don't know if they are Lucite or some other, brand x plastic.






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I saw a marble for sale with Lucite in description. Lucite is a version of acrylic. The marble looked interesting and old, maybe just yellowed and weathered though. It just got me wondering if they ever had a "hey-day" for any amount of time. 

Shortly after that I saw new acrylic marbles advertised, so, maybe that answers my question. 

I'm guessing someone out in all of marble world collects acrylic marbles.  

Here's the link to the Alan Sherman song...I had to look it up and listen, it's fun. Title is 'Eight Foot Two, Solid Blue'. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=h1zIToPr59M&list=RDAMVMh1zIToPr59M

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