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Blue and green faceted German agates

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This is all I have so far, the biggest being about 7/8".

Compared to the carnelian and "onyx" black banded agates, blue and green are hard to find, with green being the hardest to find in my experience. Books mention yellow being even rarer, but I have never seen a yellow one. I doubt they would hold much eye appeal with the low contrast of yellow on white bands.

The Germans knew how to dye them red in the 18th century, but the blue dye didn't start until 1845, then green in 1855 according to "Colonial Period and Early 19th-Century Children's Toy Marbles".

Possible other reasons why they may be so scarce:

  • Perhaps these were more costly to dye or more difficult to dye, and therefore fewer were made. I do notice they differ much more in color variation than red or black, so that inconsistency may have proven expensive or undesirable in other agate products that were being mass produced in the grinding mills.
  • Perhaps these colors were not as popular to buyers as banded red or black.
  • Perhaps their original owners loved them so much that most are still squirreled away in sock drawers and closets. ;) This may account for a bit of the scarcity, but I have seen a couple of original agate boxes and do notice the blue or green ones are fewer in number to the carnelians or onyx ones.

Whatever the case, I want more!


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7 hours ago, Berryb said:

Ho letto che il processo di tintura era molto tossico e anche non così semplice come si potrebbe pensare, il che potrebbe spiegare la rarità. Grazie


So, is the color artificial in colored agates? ... I mean, blue, green, red, light blue etc.

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Yes !!!! those are dyed agates !!!!! And some very nice ones @ that. I have only one green and the rest carnelian. I have some more carnelian but they're really beat. These would have been great dyed. I love the blue ones you have. I had an opportunity to get about 20 to 25 blue, some around an inch, pretty beat up but still beautiful. They changed their mind's at the last second and just wouldn't cut loose of them. I was a little disappointed but took it in stride and still continue looking !!

1 (637).JPG




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correction !!
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Yes, yours are all natural Roby, nice aggies, although more than likely machine ground and polished judging from the smooth reflection on the mibs, no visible rippling on the surface from hand faceting  "thank you for the pictures".

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