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18 minutes ago, Ric said:

Heck, I wouldn't kick that one out of my keeper box!

Some people like them sloppy with AV, and mine is pretty over the top. But I prefer them a bit more refined . . .


. . . like me. 😎

i'm sloppy ric ..... send it across the border here .... also ..... :confetti:

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Hi Ric:   That is two different Heaton marbles.  The Heaton digs the last year has sure turned up some unseen ones. I saw Heatons during every dig that not one of us had ever seen before.  So happy that the new owner allowed us to save what we could. They could have all been buried under fill, stone and concrete. 

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I am so glad you got access, Ron. Of course, I have a number that have been laying around here unidentified - until now. Both the marbles you posted are dandies. I realized there were two in your first post. But I figured you must especially like the second one, since you posted it twice. You know, I think we could work out all of this confusion though. You could just send me one of those two second examples. 😁

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