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Hello all,

Ive recently come into possession of a small collection of antique German marbles. Since then I’ve done enough reading and looking around to realize that a few of them are quite different from other marbles of their type. Mistakes? 
It doesn’t seem as if most people here are focused on antique German, but I’d be interested in your thoughts on the general question of whether you or collectors are interested in more unusual examples or whether perfection of the form is more what people go for.  I’m going to post a couple of them below. Their condition is as good or better than what I see listed on eBay as very good/near mint. 

Sorry The photo quality isn’t great. 
The first one is pale pink base glass. 
Because of the strangely divided latticino of its core, the second one looks quite different from different angles. 

I have some others that are pretty unusual too but I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on these. 





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Size and condition are  big factors in antique hand made marbles. Tinted glass is a plus. But sometimes the glass can get a tint from being exposed to lots of bright sunlight. The yellow latticino is a odd or unusual one. Condition looks very good on both.  They are probably worth in the $15.00- $25.00 range each. They have to be rare or even better, larger size to go into the $50.00-$500.00 range. If they were two inch size they would be  in the hundreds.  

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Yellow glass one is 29/32nds. The purple glass double razor ribbon core is 19/32nds a much deeper purple than seen, I used an extremely bright light in that pic, a few fleas but I kept it anyway for color and core rarity, the green one is 9/16ths, the large tri stage is 29/32nds, the green stripes are covered with dust like blue and silver av. and separate from the orange striped white solid core ( the visible air bubbles are bigger than the av. in the green stripes) I will get some macros of the blue it shows up pretty well. The Indian maglite has some solid white and yellow striping on the outside of the ghost core 23/32nds.  A 25/32nds Joseph coat 2/3rds covered with aventurine. The purple glass one does have quite a few fleas but I kept it anyway, I just like it. The others are all clean. I am in the process of taking some better pix and resizing, pls. forgive the collage look. Don't worry there are still people around who like handmades, me for one. I just took some new ones of the av. in the complex core and the striping on the ghost core in the indian, I'll submit later, they came out surprisingly well for free hand. Setting up is a chore for me, my hands are both partially numb.


yellow corless.PNG


z sub2.PNG



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Here's the new pic of the maglite Indian, and the av. in the tri stage, sorry for the blur I didn't have my glasses on. I have a ribbon core with mica, but it's so beat up you can only see it when you put it in a glass of water, guess I can go ahead and do it and post the pic, I believe it's around 1.25, mica is quite rare in the ribbon, complex, solid and latticinio mibs, generally anything but a mica it's a rarity. If you collect old German handmades you know what I mean. Well I took the water pics, made a mess and the mica didn't show very well. I'll still post later.



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28 minutes ago, Da Roberto said:

Remarkable Chad! Sparkling core

Thanks Roby, I though it to be a regular Indian until I got home and put the light to it, a pleasant surprise. Better than getting home to the usual pitting or undetected fleas I missed because I didn't bring my glasses or loupe.

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Better in focus a bit more, a 3 stage with solid green av. veins with sparkles of blue in it. Also a ribbon core with mica, only on one side but I have yet to find another like it. These marbles are all clean though the amount of bubbles may look like damage, none come to the surface or have popped, I believe the ribbon core ha slight pocket wear and 1 fleabite.








This is also a 3 stage, pinkish red core w/ surrounding white lines and outer yellow and blue bands, an odd bird.


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On 11/12/2020 at 4:56 PM, Ric said:

I am not even sure what this is called - a fountain, maybe?


E.O.D. Cloud, little on the rare side, what's the size on it Ric ?? Most of them where below an inch.

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A few years back I sold a 1 3/8+ inch cloud for $1800.00,  out of Everett Grist collection after he passed.   He had kept it in one of his old socks.  I left it right there and sold it with the sock. 

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Good one Ron, if his cloud has any size to it he'll do ok but there is a little wear damage, looks like some pitting & pins from the pic, but like you said Ron, if it's over an inch it'll still fetch a decent price.

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