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I've been dreaming for 12 years about a camera which could do that.  I've gotten two cameras in that time ... and neither one could.   I guess I'm going to have to take a marble and a laptop into a camera store and check the cameras out in person before I buy so I don't strike out again. 

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This was a clip on lens for my cell phone.

$40 on Amazon. 
It makes a world of difference in clarity. I just need to figure out a good lighting set up.
Shadows are now an issue that I really haven't had to deal with before. I also need to find a good light source.
Focus is hard to figure out. It has a very narrow or small focus field (a shallow depth of field), when it is lined up perfectly, the very center is in focus, and the further away from the center focus, the blurrier it gets, to where the outer edges of the marble are out of focus. 

Fun work :)



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Thank you!

Not on a stand, I take my pictures on a black tshirt, that is what the marble is sitting on.
I lay the light source, one of those very small led flashlights, on the same level as the marble. It works great for transparent based marbles, I'm still trying to figure out a lighting situation for opaque marbles.

light set up.jpg

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