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Both are Jobber brand bags. Original bags but not any company that produced marbles. I think they are the same company from PA. You can find many different WV swirls in these cellophane, mesh and plastic bags. In these bags I have seen Ravenswoods -Champions - Alleys - probably others.  Some of these can also be a mix from WV swirl companies. But most contain marbles from one company. They also did a 60 count mesh bag, but they are rare. They were located near most of the WV swirl companies and bought the marbles where ever the cheapest or available at the time.  

Bag1guy long time no see. About 20-25 years ago, you Dean, Al , Brandstetter and myself did a lot of Ebay bidding over many original bags.  Wish the bags were available like they were 25yrs. ago. You had to have a nice bag collection. You out bib me enough times, LOL.  Now I wish that I had doubled most of my bids back then. 


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