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I agree the buttery one on the right is pretty cool looking. It looks like it might fluoresce. Have you put it under a blacklight? Lot's of transparent swirls are pretty in a simple way, and it's easy to get lost looking at them. I have a few gallons of nicer ones I've collected over the years and it's a lot of fun to go through them every once in a while.

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Is that a roll mark in the first picture, where the marble did not spin correct. Maybe just a strand of white ? It may have spun in one direction for 1/10 or 1/2 a second. The hot glob has to spin constant steadily in all different directions on its own axis at all times while in the roll grooves. If it does not spin correct, it will get a odd or more of a cork twist pattern especially at the pole or poles of the marble. Some named this ying yang or chevron, and some thought it was by only one company. All machine made companies made marbles with this fault. It is a mistake, a error, not intentional. When the marble spins just a few turns in one direction. It pulls the glass around in a cork twist pattern especially on the pole. I am not sure it is a Vitro cage cat ? The white also got off color probably because of the odd spin, maybe spun to slow, and temp got  just a little higher for a few seconds.  WV machine made clear base white swirl  ????? We sure nit pick these kids toys. The people who produced them were always so amazed that anyone would examine a toy marble as it is done today. Collectors today look at the toy marbles closer than the makers and workers did when they were made. They were a cheap toy for kids. Most made from scrap glass.  

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