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Need some confirmation please

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Pic 1 .60in idk wanna say cac cause the bright yellow and the swirling on the end ?

Pic 2 .65in lots going on inside hard to get a pic . 

Both glow under uv yellow one glows orange 

Thanks for your help 








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Does the bottom green one glow orange ?? realizing of course they're both under the same light, & "Yes I agree with Ron 100%" the colors will vary greatly under each light. Someone used one of those new fangled expensive multi bulb uv flashlights in a glass shop on my sulphides & there was no uv reaction whatsoever, none, not even a little. I went back home and have them under a 4 foot fluorescent blacklight tube & some of them look like Christmas they're so lit up, I'm absolutely positive of them being genuine. Here are a few, all commons and very well known. I just have them because of being extremely clean outside & nearly air bubble free & clear on the inside. Every sulphide I own glows at least a little green some so much you can barely see the figure inside, more depleted uranium in the glass I guess ?? Sorry for the rabbit trails 🐰 I "personally" prefer the old fluorescent tube type bulbs to anything else. Weather hand held or wall mount they seem to show even the slightest reactivity well even in full daylight. Boy there's rabbits running all over this post  🐇  🐇  🐇



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