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Novice trying to identify marbles

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You have a variety of vintage marbles - some appear to be foreign (non-USA) made and most appear to be in pretty rough condition, which signficantly limits their value to collectors.

The big red and green one is an Akro Corkscrew, which would be a desirable marble if it were in better condition. The larger tan one with green stripes is a Peltier Muddy, which in better condition, is also collectible. I would be interested to know if you see sparkles in the big green one with white stripes. It might be an Alley Green Giant, which would show a lot of aventurine sparkling inside in sunlight or under a bright light. I also see a few Vitro marbles, including cat's eyes, some West Virginia Swirls and a some foregn marbles, mostly cat's eyes.

I hope this helps!

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Very helpful, thanks Ric. Attached are some closeup pics of the green marble you inquired about. It appears to be mroe of an aqua blue tint under brighter light. If you'd like to see any of the others in more detail, let me know. I appreciate the help.














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Welcome  Dude, :wave2:

       "Glad to have you" lots of knowledge here & many more than willing to share & show what they know and have & to assist you in your endeavor!! The last pics unfortunately don't show an Alley green giant, but do appear to "maybe" be Alley with to much damage for any value. If it where a green giant you might squeeze few dollars from it not much.  The second batch of pix are better, try to show only 2 max at a time at the most, with multiple views like you have of the aqua one & please try and always include the size if possible ( very important in most cases) in fractions or decimals, i.e... 3/4"  or .75"- 1/2" or .50" & so forth, a cheap set of plastic calipers will pay for themselves in 5 minutes, this will make I.D. a marble 10times easier & quicker for you & the person making the I.D., a bunch of marbles like the first few pix is difficult & confusing. If the mibs in the first pix all had a monetary value &  were in mint shape Ric would still be there explaining the different positions of & values for each. If you had them in a more individual pic sequence you would now know the I.D. of each individual marble for future reference, as is you just know "for the most part" you have a bunch of marbles. Just a few friendly suggestions to help out you & all involved in the future, Thank you Dude !!  The smaller pink & white ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd pic & the blue and white ( last pic) may be west Virginia swirl types, hard to tell with only one far off view & so many mibs. See what I mean, If you had a valuable marble there & only one bad view amongst a myriad of others, most would overlook it or not try to I.D. them at all.  "Again Welcome & thanx for listening"

                                                                                                                                                                                Chad G.  :party-243:


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  I hope that it helps you out ?? Just some friendly advice to make it easier on both sides of the fence. "Good Luck" in the you pursuit into this great hobby, everyone here is here to help one another & share what they have. A great amount of knowledge compiled here as you look through the different threads, above all have fun !!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Chad G. :party-243:

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