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Butter and syrup colored marbles

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I think these are Champion New Ole' Fashions. But it's hard to get a good look at the marbles with all the reflections. In your first pic and last pic, they look like they have the pox or something, and it's cause by the mat you have them sitting on. Something non-reflective like gray t-shirt material makes a much better background for pics.

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Bottom (R) corner in first pic & the marble in the third pic are the same one and it has "heavy Aventurine" in it, all those little sparkles aren't light reflections.  The pock marks shown in the second pic appear to be small hits & fleas on that particular marble. Yours appear to me to be "Jabo "

As far as I know "Leightons" were all hand ground or melted pontil transitional's,  not machine made as those pictured above are??




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Definitely machine made and definitely not Leighton transitional marbles. The glass temperature got to hot causing the gas bubbles and the colors to go dark, plus make them out of round. Your first single marble picture shows the automated machine made cut line well.  Every marble company would have discarded these marbles, as not for sale. They are either Champion or Jabo swirls.  I have seen marbles from every place you can think of that were untouched for 50-75 years. Included in them 98% of the time were Jabo's or a Jabo that was made when I was present at the machine making the marble at Jabo.  I offer to sell them some of the same marbles as they have at 0.10-0.25 cents each, and they decline. It happens almost monthly for the last 15 years. 

They are your marbles label them what ever you like. Most experienced marble collectors are not going to think these were hand gathered and hand made by Leighton. Did who ever identified them offer to buy them at normal Leighton prices ? Even bad condition Leighton prices ? 

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