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Archival copy of Joemarbles.com

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The Joemarbles.com domain expired and was auctioned to someone else.  I bid on it but it went too high.  I'm curious -- does the domain now belong to anyone in our marble family?    

Jason and I  had  a heads-up that the beloved site might go down again and we were prepared this time.  Jason is now hosting a copy of the site on his domain.  

We definitely did not want to lose this material.   Joe put a lot of effort into this.  I know personally because I helped him with the company articles and general moral support while he was getting it ready to go online.  ❤️   

It is possible that some changes could be made, in the form of updates to company information for example.   If that happens we will do it in a way which respects Joe's work.  I know that philosophically he would be supportive of updates.   He had wanted to host a copy of Marble Alan's ID pages on his site --  like Craig Snider has --  but Joe planned for his version to reflect current information known to the marble community and he wanted to fill in some blanks in Alan's photos.  He wanted me to help him with that and sadly I dropped the ball. So I'm happy at least to have been able to be part of preserving Joe's site for future collectors to benefit from. 

Without further ado, here is 

Joemarbles.com Home Page (marbleconnection.com)

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Way to go, I thought Joe's stuff was gone forever. I've used his site off and on for years. Thank you so much for posting it here Steph " Fantastic" Cool back onto my favorite's bar it goes   :thup: :thup:

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