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I do not think these are mica. I am not certain, but they look mostly like Master marbles to me. They made some that are loaded with white flakes. In fact, some folks refer to them as "snow globes". I don't think I have seen others with this pale blue color though.

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 A couple mica for you too look at, dim light, bright light & sunlight, the flakes are very definitive and yes, mica is always sliver like Ron said !!  These pics are all of the same hand made marbles, both faceted on one end & a small melted pigtail on the other, generally faceting is a sign of older manufacture i.e. (1850 - 1880), and both 1.25 " ( 1 1/4") , 31.5 mm. One thing at a time, there is much to learn when it comes to handmades & as always there are exceptions to the rule, better to kick back & take it slow, so it sticks......:icon_popcorn:......many years & I'm still learning......:eusa_doh:......I think this is the "Fun" part......:party-243:......endless !!





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