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Shoot me...
I have a book but....
Latticino core swirl this one ?
Or Divided ?
18 mm this one
So many different pricings
Core , band , colors , glas
How can i value this one
And pontil ...what is end of cane
I have mutch to learn 








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Divided core ?

Latticino ?

17 mm 

Nice and bright

Nice colors

No damage 

Last of these 5

I have ten more too show to you my friends

Hope i het noce comment on these and their ID , value is welcome if anyone knows amd some info how to look at them because the book is little mambo jambo to me , so many different ways to appraise or i just dont get it.....yet  






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1. Latticinio


2. A very tight divided core ?? if a gap anywhere in the white core not a solid core but a tight divided core. Solid means solid. The upper left side view of the core in this pic suggests a slight window into the core making it a divided core.


3. Latticinio


4. Coreless swirl ??


5. Latticinio


Latticinio has to do with the net looking design in the core & is one of the most common handmades

True black is one of the rarer colors, so the Latt. with the black & orange outer stripes is probably the best.

Highest value you have is the tri stage solid core (Tight divided core) peewee ?? tops ":maybe" $10.00

the rest are about $5.00 to $8.00 each on a "good day"

None are EOC (end of cane)

None look to be polished

Condition looks pretty good, no heavy pocket wear (general wear) only one or 2 visible flea bites, no hits, not polished, no fractures, all together in good shape just common. Still nice shape for you first ones.

Pricing is hard, all perspective, as of recently the market for the smaller common handmades has taken a dip, it will "probably" rebound ?? over the years I have seen it go up & down many times. Back and forth, though it does seem to be trending more towards the machine mades as a new generation comes about. if I were you I'd buy what I like & go by the these three basic rules Condition, Condition, Condition. Keep a eye on general sale prices as a whole, time and experience are your best friends. 



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Three excellent basic rules again, Condition, Condition, Condition.   Old German handmade marbles are usually graded with a little more forgiveness than machine made marbles. 

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