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Finally got a couple wall mount displays, made a little more room only problem is their already full.

Started out like this !!


A few days later !!





I squeezed in another 100 but that's it, the shelf on the bottom is now stuffed as well. I was short a few shelf

supports so the display company sent another whole display saying they don't send partials so now I have

one more to fill as soon as I get to it, quite the undertaking, leveling & bolting it to the wall. Then it's time to

work the mibs in. I can already feel my neck & back throbbing with joy :badgrin:

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Nice displays! Is it wrong that this is what really caught my eye?


Those are some nice fish too!


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Thanks Ric, a couple spring Salmon caught out of the Columbia river a few 5 or 6 years back. The person on the (R) was my best & closest friend Don now passed & his son Brian on the left. I already had one in the bag so took a pic of them. Glad I did, some great memories for sure. I have literally thousands of fish pix, there's some more I posted a bit back on the "Lounge" thread. Getting old & stove up now, bank fishing is about all I can do, the Elk hunting and prolonged boat fishing trips are very few & far between anymore. Waiting for the Steelhead opener on the 16th of this month, hopefully the fish count #'s are good enough & they'll go on ahead & let us fish.

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