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I Finally Did It!!!!!!


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Hello all,

I finally was able to track someone down and get one of my marbles restored. I know a lot of you are against this but this marble had so much inner beauty that it needed to be shown off. I was searching youtube one day and found a guy who is still fixing up old marbles so I reached out to him. I could not be happier, The marble is BEAUTIFUL here are some photos below of the before and after and I have also added a link to video of the process that was used.







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Congrats on you new eye candy.


Nice video.  

I confess I didn't watch all 15 minutes ... I sampled it so maybe I missed it if contact info was given.  Do you know if Matthew is open for more marble polishing business?  Do you know his preferred method of contact?   

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Fantastic job & mibs !! I have been looking forever & know a couple people looking to get some old Germans polished & some cullet marbles. "Thank you" so much, a preferred method of contact for Mathew would be great Scott !!

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Hi All,

I have made contact with Matthew and I think he would be interested in doing some work for you guys if you are all still interested. He a super nice guy and as you see he does amazing work. Here is his contact information. He lives in Provo, Utah.

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Changed email address to image, to try to thwart spammers. :)
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