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I got my star today :cool-smileys-262:  But how does this work? I see it's how many right you get out of 14 IDs. Is this where the 1x and 2X response works ?  And....is this a weekly thing ? 

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It's a new feature in the latest board update but I barely understand it myself.

Currently I believe it is only ranking based on one year of data. Otherwise it would take too long and too many computing resources to calculate. Sadly that means Steph doesn't get a "Marble King" badge for having more than 25k posts, but maybe I can cook something up!



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I added a new rank for @Steph : Marble Queen

Anyone with more than 100k reputation points gets this, but the person closest to Steph has 24k points so I think it'll be a while before I have to worry about a more gender-neutral badge. ;)


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