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21 minutes ago, Chad G. said:

Ron ??


Just wondering that seam that is a u shape isn't that a master trait ..I know the seams can do goofy stuff . Is it the color that leads to Akro or something else

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This is a tough one. I am confident it is an Akro or a Master though. At this point, I could go either way, but I am actually leaning Master now. Maybe I'm just not used to seeing Master's with a black patch?

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Thank you for the reply's. I'm stickin' to Christensen Striped Opaque. I have lots of Masters,( meteors,sunbursts) And Akro's. Lots of research data and pic's tell me its a Christensen. Don't mean to disagree with you. Hope you can keep on helping me with all the marbles I have. Sending  some more pic's,maybe better ones of same marble. The black is not a "patch." Thanks,Judy0701211805.thumb.jpg.efc29e718b7be24eb717fba93ddd647c.jpg0701211807.thumb.jpg.c166adb7e52e4fe020c8c2bc9ac9a019.jpg0701211806c.thumb.jpg.0d052bcf5f6ee08131d7b161ad48d45e.jpg



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Great discussion mib. 👍 still going with Master have one with similar colors. IMHO I would think the separation of colors would be more defined on a CAC.

But I've been wrong before and I will be again..lol 

Happy :lol-016:



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28 minutes ago, marboman said:

Looks like a Master to me. Here are some from my collection with one similar to yours, yours has more black. Master made lots of dark marbles




I agree..Nice mibs marboman.


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3 hours ago, WILLS said:

The black is not a "patch." Thanks,Judy

I see it now- the "black patch" is actually amber base glass. I'm all in with Master now.

Check out the marble lower left here:


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