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Some sellers on .......EEEEEEEEEEEEEBAY!! UGH

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Most of them know exactly what they're doing Gladys. Unfortunate I know but it is up to the buyer to research a little bit before purchase of anything from Feebay. I have long agonized over this myself but in most cases I look at their other items they have for sale & find most of the time they already know what's up, that's why you don't receive any reply, they won't.  Ebay has the protection clause to reimburse you if you don't get the item as described "But" many of the unsavory sellers have their descriptions worded so they could be selling you a bag of air and get away with it. A buyers market "Yes" but also "Buyer Beware" Your rant is understood "fully"

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I've settled on the fact that I would rather find them (treasure hunting, auctions, etc.) then buy them like that. I'll probably never have some of the goodies others have here but at least I wouldn't have the regrets or headaches. Sure, like Chad says, the research into a listing could roll over into a decent purchase (pinpointing that honest seller with the real deal), they are out there. Making money selling on Ebay has its rewards, I've done it many times. But if you don't have that reputation as a good, honest seller, it won't ever be consistent profit-wise. You want the good buyers coming back and spreading the good word about you. Out of hundreds and hundreds of antiques and collectibles I have sold, I only had 1 negative review. And that was on a Garfield Christmas train set I sold from the Danbury Mint. I purchased it 2nd hand and apparently the former owners were smokers. The buyer complained that the porcelain train pieces smelled like smoke. I couldn't smell a thing. As an honest, fair seller, I refunded the gentleman without argument and even thanked him for his purchase and time 😊...I eventually got out of the Ebay selling thing mainly because of the time consumption, the continuing additions of seller listing fees, and the rising costs for shipping. Back then, there weren't near as many crooked sellers as there are these days. My advice to too Ebay shoppers- Research the item, ask questions, read very carefully EVERYTHING in the listing, and check out the sellers rating AND reviews from other customers. Maybe even ask some of the folks here, they might know a seller too hook you up with. Myself, I'll enjoy the hunt and the occasional rewards for the effort put in. I might not ever have some of the awesome mibs some of my collector friends have, but that's ok. I'm happy enjoying how I do it and the people I'm collecting with here. To each his own, but good enough rewards for me 😁

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amazingly they did answer back! and they were nasty to me! I looked at some of the things they had sold and boy did they rip people off! it's a shame! I also like the hunt William I started collecting jars of Mibs every flea market I went to along with goodwill and some other auctions ! then after about 15 jars i wondered what was in them!....... boy did I have fun for a while, love learning about the history! I have been lucky on some of my lowest priced lots! it's always a surprise!! 

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