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Thüringen Thursday


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At Gina's urging, a Thursday thread.  

This one is for your German marbles and related items -- Thüringen being the cradle of the glass marble making industry in Germany in the 1800's.  



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Naturally colored yellow limestone marble, likely from Sonneberg-Coburg area, early 19th century.


Described by Gartley and Carskadden in 'Colonial Period and Early 19th-Century Toy Marbles', p. 105.

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1 minute ago, wvrons said:

Followed me home from the recent Fort Wayne IN show. The prices were right. 

The onion is 2.30 inches and the other is 2.40 inches size, Big boys.

Those are dandy big ones, Ron. Did you by chance get them from another Ron?

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