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Greetings from new member


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Hi Folks,

I just found this board and it sounded interesting to browse. I am an avid JABO/DAS collector and love to learn as much as I can about identifying marbles that I can't quite categorize. I do sell a bit on eBay and getting an accurate description with run date and interesting trivia about the run is a big part of the fun. I never stop learning and appreciate everyone's advice.

A bit of trivia about me...I am one of those people that can truthfully say that I "Lost All My Marbles". I live in CA and lost our home in the 2017 Tubbs fire. We're all fine and dandy now, but all my previous JABOs all returned to heaven...lol. Of course, I started recollecting again immediately and we are back to normal (as normal as things get).

I look forward to meeting more folks who enjoy our marble hobby as much as I do

Best Regards,


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"Welcome to Marble Connection Mike"   :wave2:

Glad to have you !! If it's about marbles or marble related subject matter you'll more than likely find it here, with many folks more than willing to share what they know. If there is a specific topic you wish to research there is a search bar located at the top right hand side, It'll show all related posts. Again "Welcome"  feel free to post away !!

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