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Glad To Reconnect

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Hi folks my name is Jeff Fell. I’ve been a collector since the mid 1980’s. I’ve been so out of touch with everyone so I decided to Google a couple of names of people that helped me add to my collection. Sadly I found that some have passed away and others I couldn’t locate. It brought me to this site. I’m looking forward to sharing stories and leaning more about this great hobby. 

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"Welcome to Marble Connection Jeffrey"       :wave2:

    So sorry to hear about your lost mentors and friends !! Hopefully you'll make many, many new ones here !! Always look foreword to new members sharing their experiences and what they've learned along the way on their marble journey. Great people, tons of accumulated knowledge and knowledgeable people here more than willing to share what they know. If you can't find what you're looking for, just ask or enter it into the search bar, usually you get a great multitude of answers. Again a hearty "Welcome" to you !! Have fun and if you have any questions just post and someone will be by pretty quickly to help you out.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Chad G.




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7 minutes ago, JeffreyFell said:

Thanks Chad. 

You're very welcome !! Looking foreword to whatever you have to share  !! Remember, any trouble navigating or locating something there's usually always someone available to help you out.

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