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Help in Identifying Marbles


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"Welcome to Marble Connection"   :)

  For a more accurate I.D. try and post about 3 or 4 at a time w/ a clear view of all 4 sides. Reason being it's hard to decipher and explain exactly which marble you're I.D.ing. You may have one marble in a bunch worth substantially more than the others. So a few at a time will make for a quicker and more precise I.D. Measurements of each can also be very important as to value or even type or manufacture. Your pix are great, nice and clear, a neutral background is best, grey is a good one. Bright colors will wash out the marbles or lead the camera to focus on the background instead of the marble. Just a few pointers in case ya run into a bit of trouble !!  Again "Welcome" Oop !!  Sorry Sam, didn't realize I already welcomed ya and I.D, some marbles for you. In any case a hearty welcome back then !!


                                Looks Like Mostly Stripeys 


Nearly all Veiligglas but there appears to be 1 or 2 that may not be ??


             These look like some kind of wire pull ??


Can't tell just from the one view ?? I see what could be a figure 8

but not committing to it, and another a possible transitional

just not enough views to tell ??



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