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Howdy Y'all

Fuzzy Chubbs

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Hello marble aficionados and experts!

I'm a newbie to the marble world, at the spry age of 27.  In early 2020 I took to YouTube to fill my new-found free time while staying home and isolating, stumbling upon Corning Museum's account per the suggestion of an engineer friend who produces art glass.  I quickly became infatuated with the masters Mark Mathews and Bill Gudenrath.  Over the past year and a half I have just barely dipped my toes into the world of marbles, picking up a handful of modern contemporaries from eBay; but nothing special.  I fortunately live within an hour of a marble mecca, Moon Marble Company, but unfortunately they have been closed the past year so I have yet to visit :/

This past week I stumbled upon a collection of marbles that were sourced by my great grandfather while he lived here in Kansas.  I decided that it would be a fun project to sort and identify as many of the marbles as I can, with the grand goal of creating a display to present to grandma.  It's a rather small collection just filling a vase, but from my first glances and rudimentary marble knowledge I believe there to be quite a few of interest.  It seems to me that may are masters, alleys, vitros, and probably a variety of others that I have yet to wrap my head around.

I plan to post these in a trickle rather than one large ID dump, as it both takes longer to sort/photograph than I initially thought and I also like the idea of bolstering my knowledge as I progress through the ID phase.  I'm hoping that eventually I'm posting these marbles with correct identification before expert input!  S/O to Steph and her study hall, I imagine it's going to be a big crutch for me!!

I will also note that I was surprised by the lack of ID videos on YouTube, it seems the real meat of content is all posted by Stephen Barr.  I binged through most all of Stephen's YouTube videos on identification.  I was surprised to find no 'sorting' type videos on YouTube; do they exist?  It seems that many other collecting hobbies are flooded with these types of videos on YouTube, such as coins and trading cards.

Some other random info about me; I'm a software consultant for food pantries, I'm an avid Oldschool Runescape player (IGN: Fuzzy Chubbs), I've collected pokemon cards since I was 5 years old, and I'm currently converting a 'skoolie' with my girlfriend of 6 years.

I'm eager to learn more about this wonderful hobby with exceptional people! 

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"Welcome to Marble Connection"   :wave2:

      Great to see yet another generation of collectors.  You'll find Pokémon marble collectors here and I'm sure just about every kind of marble and glass related thing possible. A great bunch of people here more than willing to share what they have and know about the great hobby of marble collecting, again "Welcome Cole"


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