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Greetings from an Alaskan Marbler!

Andy McLaughlin

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I feel new to this forum, as was inspired to sign up by Chad so I could share news of my new Vacor ID Book coming available. I found that I had already been in this group a few years ago but somehow had forgotten, lol. Anyhow,  I'm happy to be on here with fellow marble collectors. Cheers! ...anyhow, I am happy to announce the first printing of my book sold out in a flash and has been very well received. I plan to make a separate post about the book for those interested, but  here is a pic of the cover of "For the Love of Vacors" and an example page , it has over 400 named types and it has over 800 color photos. I need contact information of those interested in reserving a copy from the next printing. Cost is $50+10 within U.S.  and $50+25 internationally if interested.

book cover.jpg

vacor example page.jpg

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"Welcome to Marble Connection Andy"

    Good to see ya back on the board ok & great to have another fellow marble Brother.  I've head from a couple people on your book now and nothing but praises. Thank you for taking the time and effort to further the marble community as a whole, I know I for one appreciate it and a book on Vacor has been a long time coming, I for one am looking foreword to my copy.



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