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Welcome.  That's a nice lot of older marbles. 

Some monetary value.  A first glance I'm not seeing anything high dollar.  But could go above $100 if the condition is nice.

A single chip can reduce value by half or more.  Remember that glass is glass even if it's a toy, and do what you can to preserve the condition.  

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Hello MisterMunoz, 
I would love to see some of these marbles posted under the ID section. 
Five or six at a time, include the big one and any that may have three different colors involved. Clean them first with any glass cleaner. Show the ones that have little or no damage. Try to show where one bunch of colors end and another starts, we call these cutoff marks in the marble world.
Get the best images that you can.
I see a bunch of Akro corkscrews in this lot, and this will make them more than “normal marbles”. I think that your roomie may have left you a favor. Well worth more than a few loafs of bread.

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