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Date format in titles, and other notes

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In this subforum, we are trying to gather historical marble documents.  It could be advertisements, articles, patents, company ephemera, etc.   Fun items are welcome as well as more serious or technical. 

We especially hope to see items where dates are known.  In those cases, please put the date at the start of the thread title.  If you know the month and day as well as the year, then using this format will be helpful for us:  YYYY-MM-DD.  For example, 2022-03-06 for March 6, 2022.  The subforum has an option to sort threads by title.  Using that date format will allow the documents to be sorted in chronological order.   



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 If mistakes are made, don't worry.  We can fix titles.  

We basically encourage a new thread for each separate document.  However, for related documents such as correspondence between different companies which might span some months, certainly feel free to post all the related documents in the same thread.  

We'll try to have common sense about this!

Comments are welcome in other people's threads.    If a thread starts to get complicated and we think some of the material would benefit from being in its own thread we can always split that off.  

We understand that not all material found in newspapers and magazines will be accurate.   Corrections and elaborations are welcome.   Some topics have in the past become very controversial,  so as always let's try to keep discussions civil and constructive.  

If you have a really great document but don't know the year it was created, that's okay too.   Post what you know.  And maybe someone else will have input which could help narrow down the date.

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