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1933 -- Master Marble advertisement

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Very interesting. I did not realize they were trying to imitate agates via Meteors, but I see they were trying to put a sort of bullseye "cap" on them with that mossy semi-translucent base than many agates have. Interesting one of the colors was yellow but hardly anyone can find a real yellow agate now.

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Yeah ... from the 00's to the 30's the glass marble companies were doing their best to appeal to boys brought up on the ideal of stone marbles.  

P.s., I refer to this ad a lot to remind myself of Master's names and original style designs, because Master's later production became so indistinct, and because collectors keep trying to fit Master marbles into pigeon holes that the anything-goes production of later years don't really fit into.  This ad is my touchstone.  

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I forgot what the flipside of that page looked like.  Or even if there was a flipside.  But while looking for Ritzy marbles (unsuccessfully), I found this which I had posted in the past as being part of the same flyer.



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