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1971-10-18 -- Collecting Your Marbles (Eureka Times Standard, Eureka, CA)

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An article on collecting marbles from 1971 with some interesting content, in particular the mention of black or carnelian agates being rejected jewelry pieces that received their facets based on how long they spent between grinding stones in the mill. I had not heard that one before although I had heard the best round agates were used for jewelry or display pieces rather than marbles.

They also mention "glass blowers" imitating real agates in the 1930s.

Also, @hdesousa would find this interesting. They mention the most expensive marble, the Taw: "It was made and used in the middle to late 1700's, and is known to be pink with dark red veins running through it. It's value has not been determined but would possibly run into thousands or dollars."


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Found this definition of "Blood Alley"  i. e. "Real Taws" on a link I have been using to research old and foreign marble terminology.  I seen the pix Hansel posted before of Blood Alleys and was intrigued as I had never seen them before, only heard of them.

LINK :    http://www.americantoymarbles.com/glossary.htm


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